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Traditional Yang Family Style, Short Form
Traditional Yang Family Style, Long Form
Two Person Exercises (Push Hands)
Traditional Tai Chi Weapons
Dragon Dao Yin
Tai Chi for Balance ..PLUS - An Adaptive Tai Chi Program for Balance
Therapeutic Tai Chi for Special Populations
Chi Kung or Qigong
Wu Chi - Tai Chi
Standing Meditation and Diaphragmatic Breathing
Empire's comprehensive, Traditional Tai Chi Program follows the sequence of course instruction that has made Tai Chi such a time proven health, wellness, and personal development system. For over 2,000 years Tai Chi Players have known the benefits of Tai Chi by the way this practice makes them feel.
Recently major western institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, Sloan Kettering, USC Berkley Medical School and others have conducted scientific, controlled group studies that have added western empirical data in support of what Tai Chi players have known for centuries, Tai Chi works.
Martial Applications of the Tai Chi Form

This class represents an advanced step in connecting to Tai Chi's core pprinciples that make Tai Chi such a superior wellness modality.More...

Three traditional weapons are taught as a solo form. Starting with the Tai Chi Stick and progressing through the Tai Chi Broad Sword and Tai Chi Double Edged Sword. More Ö
 Dao Yin is a system that dates back to 3,000 BC that aims to clear (metaphorical) rust from the system through itís emphasis on purging into the external environment   More...
Tai Chi for Balance Plus is an adaptive Tai Chi Program, suitable for active people who are concerned with balance. This includes mature adults, special populations and the young and physically fit person who wants to maintain and improve balance.More...
Students participate in this class Seated, Assisted Standing with a Chair or Bar or Standing  This class accommodates individuals who cannot stand for 45 minutes.  This includes individuals who use assisted walking devises such as canes and walkers, those with limited leg strength and  individuals in wheel chairs  Students must be able to attend class without an Aid or Companion. More...
Push Hands is the practice of Tai Chi Chuan with a partner. Players learn to sense, neutralize and emit applylying the applications, energies and philosophy of the art of Internal force using no strength with the help of a partner. The principles of adhere, deflect, lead and follow are part of the process in developing skills.  More...
The original Yang Family style, Tai Chi Long  Form contains 106 movements. The first section of the Long Form (3 sections)  is the same as the first half of the Short Form.  More...
The Yang Family Style Short Form, (37 movements) is the most widely practiced Tai Chi in the world.  Pre-requisite:  The Wu Chu Beginners Form.  More...
Traditional, simplified Tai Chi Form for beginners.  8 movements with a specific breathing pattern offers immediate positive results. More...  
Every Empire Tai Chi class starts with the practice of Wu Chi Standing (the beginning). Students' body alignment is individually reviewed and corrected. Diaphragmatic breathing promotes relaxation, massages the internal body organs and stimulates the lymphatic system. More...
Chi Kung aka Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung, like lung) means "energy movements".  After the Standing Meditation and Breathing exercises that start every class, we proceed to the Chi Kung energy movements to warm up the body gentle rotational and flexion movements. More...
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Qigong and Meditation
 This 90 minute class begins with 20 minutes of gentle stretching and standing to establish proper body alignment, The class continues with Sung (tranquil breathing) and clearing out physical tension from the body.  We then move into an experiential exploration of various meditative practices.  We will explore a new system each week.  Next we delve deeply into the physical and energetic aspects of Five Element Qigong.  We conclude with closing down and a period of standing meditation
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