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Tai Chi for Balance PLUS, Class Support Video: 
The Tai Chi for Balance PLUS is an adaptive Tai Chi program, suited for everyone who is concerned about balance.  This includes mature adults, persons with movement disorders, as well as the young and fit person who wants to maintain and improve balance. We have a Golden Tai Chi Program for everyone.


NOTE:  As with all of our Home Study support materials, this video is meant as support for students attending Empire Tai Chi classes. During class we have the opportunity to make postural adjustments to insure a "Safety First philosophy.  Our class support materials are not meant to be used as stand alone learning tools.  We look forward to seeing you in class.
The  Tai Chi set in this video is the most up to date version being taught.  Updated FREE, illustrated "How To"materials are available to all current  Tai Chi for Balance PLUS students. 
Additional support videos can be accessed through the Class Support Video link at the upper right corner of the page.
 "After I had knee replacement surgery two years ago and completed Physical Therapy, my Dr. suggested I take Tai Chi classes. Empire's Golden Ta Chi for Balance class has helped me get back to a normal life style. Tai Chi is now part of my life.

Rose G.