Qigong and Meditation. An expanded 90 min class
The first half of this This 90 minute class experientially delves into various meditative practices. We visit and practice an additional system each week. We then move into a deeper study of Five Element Qigong
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I have been attending Tai Chi classes with Sifu, Gene Nelson, at the Burke Rehabilitation Center for several years and have just begun my second 10 week series of Qigong and Neigong classes with him. I recently badly injured a knee and could not walk unassisted for many days. I was treated twice by a neurologist M.D who is also an acupuncturist.  During the second visit, I told him “I wanted to try to get back to my Qigong and Neigong classes that week. 

       He told me “I MUST go to those classes and that, if I did, I might not have to come back at all for more acupuncture treatments”.  He said “the more a person can feel how Chi works in their own body, the better the health and healing potentials can be”. The day after my next Qigong and Neigong class, my injured knee and my other "cranky" knee felt as if they were cradled by support stockings.  I did not know that this kind of healing power could be found within my own self and not from a physician's treatment.  These classes have awakened my sense of astonishment, and I am grateful. 


Janet W