Fifteen years ago the National Institute of Health published the findings of a study they funded at Emory University. The results were " Tai Chi can reduce serious slip and fall incidents by 50%. Since then major health organizations such as Harvard Medical, Tufts University Medical Center, U C Berkley, The Mayo Clinic, Sloan Kettering, University of Oregon Alternative Medicine Dept etc .. have produced reports based upon Western Empirical studies documenting the positive effect Tai Chi can have on .. Balance, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, various heart related issues, Pain Management, Depression, Stress reduction etc etc. The goal of Empire Tai Chi is to create a resource where the most important of these studies are readily available. We urge to check back here often as we will be updating this list regularly
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Tai Chi May Benefit People with Heart Failure
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Tai Chi Helps Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Tai Chi Helps Improve Balance in Parkinson's Patients
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Tai Chi Eases Several Medical Conditions
The Health Benefits of Tai Chi
Tai Chi Health Studies
Tai Chi - Discover the Many Possible Health Benefits
Tai Chi Helps Improve Balance in Parkinson's Patients
Tai Chi Reported to Ease Fibromyalgia
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Tai Chi can Benefit Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis.