Two Person Exercises
(Push Hands)
Two Person Exercises
(Push Hands)
There is much misunderstanding about the art of Push Hands, many who see it mistake the play as aggressive fighting, and indeed there may be those who mistakenly practice it that way. However the idea is to sense and follow your partner's energy without resistance in order to deflect the force without losing your balance.

Push Hands increases your understanding of the Tai Chi form sequence and emphasizes the all important philosophy of never meeting force with force, always meet it with lesser force. Push Hands is a physical bridge between Taoist philosophy and the Tai Chi form and goes to the heart of " functional relaxation " that is learned from playing Tai Chi.

Pre-requisite: Yang Family short form.
Push Hands is the practice of applying the applications, energies and philosophy of the art of Tai Chi Chuan with a partner. Players learn to sense, neutralize and emit internal force with the help of a partner. The principles of adhere, absorb, neutralize, deflect, and follow are part of the process in developing skills
" Although challenging at times, once a movement is mastered, there is a great sense of accomplishment and the desire to learn more. The small class size is welcoming for all levels as it allows 1:1 instruction specific to individual progress and abilities. "

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