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Suggested Reading:


The books suggested below, written by Damo Mitchell, are highly recommended for all students in any of our Principles and Practices of Neigong and Qigong programs.  Those students should start with Daoist Neigong. Damo has become a major influence on my personal practice and this coming year I will be traveling more & more often to train with him and his team.  From time to time, when I feel the subject matter is appropriate for various levels, I will invite students to join me. These training sessions are highly energetic, physical and above all ... potentially experiential at the highest level of training. 


Daoist Neigong -    The Philosophy of Change - Damo Mitchell  

Highly recommended


Heavenly Streams - Damo Mitchell -

Highly recommended


The Four Dragons - Damo Mitchell


Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body - Bruce Frantziz 

 Highly recommended


Yang Family Transmissions - Douglas Wile - Copies are hard to find.  A highly recommended read for anyone studying Yang Style Tai Chi. 


There are no Secrets - Wolf Lowenthal.  The practice and philosophy of Push Hands.


Gateway to the Miraculous - Wolf Lowenthal.  A follow up to There are no Secrets


The Way of Energy - Lam Kam Chuan.  Chi Kung for Internal Strength


Tai Chi Classics - Thomas Cleary. A must read for all Tai Chi students  A must for all


The Tao of Tai - Chi Chuan, Way to Rejuvenation - Master Jou, Tsung Hwa. The Tai Chi text book. 

(a major teacher of mine). An Advanced text


The Harvard Medical School Guide  to Tai Chi - Peter M. Wayne, phd with Mark L. Fuerst.  A wonderful book by the people who have been leaders in developing western, scientific, emperical data on the positive effects of Tai Chi.  A must for all



Quote of the Month:

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer”

William S. Burroughs


The Summer 2017 session is around the corner:  Early Registration for current students has begun and open registration begins May 31st.  Community based classes, open to everyone who can get to the Burke Rehabilitation and Research center in White Plains, are welcome to attend.  These classes are not for in or out patients.  More then ever, there is a class for everyone.  These classes range from programs for special populations, who can do seated Tai Chi, through a full range of comprehensive, traditional Tai Chi and Qigong, Balance specific programs, Qigong and Meditation Mindfulness training.  For the Summer Session, we have added the very popular Dao Yin class, aka the Original Walking Chinese Yoga. Classes are offered 6 days a week, mornings, evenings and Saturdays.  

Wednesday nights will be taught by Lisa Rawson, recently certified by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association and myself.  Sat. 8 AM and 11 AM are hands on teacher training classes for Lisa, Mike and Tracy.  This training starts at 7:15 AM.  Tracy continues to have the class lead in the most adaptive classes which are Tuesday noon, seated Tai Chi and Thursday noon, Original Golden Tai Chi for Balance. Tracy is certified to teach these classes. Responsibility for the Wednesday and Friday 11 AM Balance plus programs has been taken on by Lisa.  Mike continues to expand his knowledge of all programs and has shown a passion for the Saturday Qigong and Meditation program. 

 Lisa’s, Monday night foundations class, is back for the third consecutive session and will be a permanent part of the on-going schedule as we move forward.   Lisa is now fully Certified by Empire Tai Chi and her position has been elevated to Empire Tai Chi, Senior Certified Instructor.

Mike is certified in all of Empire Tai Chi’s core Traditional Tai Chi classes and Tracy is certified in Empire's Adaptive Tai Chi classes including Wu Chi Tai Chi

The Spring session has had a substantial number of students complete Section 1 of the traditional Yang style, Tai Chi short form and will be involved with the level 1 corrections process. 


Empire Tai Chi continues to offer membership based, Corporate, small group and private lessons.  I will keep you advised of local workshops.