NOTE:  These videos are meant as support for students enrolled in specific Empire Tai Chi classes.  They are not meant to be used as an independent learning tool.
Class Support VideosEmpire Tai Chi, Westchester's Tai Chi Center, is committed to providing its students with the highest level of Tai Chi & Chi Kung, class support materials.  Empire has long provided free, illustrated books for every class we teach.  We are now committed to providing free Class Support Videos as well.  We invite you to check back often as we will be adding new videos on a regular basis.
Wu Chi - Tai Chi 
an introductory form

Wu Chi Tai Chi is a traditional, adaptive Tai Chi Form for students new to Tai Chi training. 
Learning and practicing this 8 movement  form allows the new student to spend more time concentrating on the basic, qualitative, core principles that make Tai Chi so effective.  
This form serves as the gateway into Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi for training 
Endless Circle - Qigong

Endless Circle Qigong designed to warm up all of the bodies major muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.  We gently take the spine through rotational and flexion movements and massage the bodies internal organs. This is an excellent Qigong to use as a warm up for any physical activitity.  It is especially beneficial for those with Osteoarthritis.  A great way to start the day.  .

A,B,C,D  Traditional, Yang Family Style Short Form is the most widely practice Ta Chi Form in the world.  Empire teaches this 37 movement Tai Chi Form in four sections (see below), with a detailed review after each segment. When the initial instruction for this form is completed, a final review called "corrections " is done and a specific breathing pattern is introduced.
A)  Section 1
Preparation through Single Whip
B)  Section 2
Single Whip through Conclusion of the first half.
C)  Section 3
Crossing Hands through Single Whip
D)  Section 4
Snake Creeps the Down Mountain
 through Conclusion
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Taught in Designated Classes & Workshops Only

Ji Ben Qigong and Wu Xing or Five Element Qigong:


These Qigong sets  are taught as part of Specific Empire Tai Chi classes.   The videos supporting these specific set can be found at Empires Student Corner'


CLICK HERE to view Ji Ben Qigong and 5 Element Qigong demonstrated by Damo Mitchell. 

Tai Chi for Balance  PLUS: 
Click on Blue play button to the LEFT  to see the latest version of Golden Tai Chi.

8 Pieces of Chinese Silk Brocade, Qigong from Empire Tai Chi on Vimeo.

8 Pieces of Chinese Silk Brocade, Qigong:
Demonstrated by Empire Tai Chi, Senior Assistant Teacher. Lisa Rawson.
This set is normally performed with 8 repititions. For the purpose of this class support video, it is repeated 3 times, one time showing the breathing pattern.  
The oldest documented Medical Qigong.
Essential Tai Chi:  This is the first Tai Chi form we teach.  It serves as an introduction to basic principles such as stepping under control, moving from the center and functional relaxation.  This often will be the new Tai Chi students first experience with meditation in motion and lays the ground works for moving into progressively more complex forms.
This set in being demonstrated by Senior Assistant Teacher, Lisa Rawson


Wu Chi TC from Empire Tai Chi on Vimeo.

Endless Circle Qigong from Empire Tai Chi on Vimeo.

Tai Chi Walking Drill - Level 1
1,2,3,4 or Getting Ready to Take 1 Step

Tai Chi Walking 1,2,3,4 from Empire Tai Chi on Vimeo.