Traditional Family Style
Tai Chi Form- 106 Movements
"I have been a student of Tai Chi at Empire Tai Chi for over 13 years, starting as a rank beginner. Originally, I was attracted to Tai Chi to gain an increase in balance, but over the years I have derived many other benefits, including relaxation and increased flexibility. Over time I have also enjoyed a sense of accomplishment through internalizing the various principles of Tai Chi and seeing my ( Tai Chi ) form dramatically improve. Gene Nelson will take you as far as you are willing to go. I recommend his classes to all who wish to travel with him as he teaches not just the basic principles of Tai Chi, but also challenges you to strive for better and better execution of the moves.
Diane G.
Traditional Yang Family Style, Long Form
The original Yang Family style,
Tai Chi Long Form contains 106 movements. The first section of the Long Form (3 sections) is the same as the first half of the Short Form.

This extension of the Yang Style Short Form introduces additional kicks, spins and movements that offer greater challenges that positively effect Balance, Strength, Concentration and Functional Relaxation.

Pre-requisites: Yang Style Short Form.
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